St Ali Goes North

For caffeine zealots and simple lovers of coffee, St Ali has been an institution, your go-to venue.

Now, it’s gained a cool cat sibling … well it was about time those folk across the river found out how great coffee can truly be. Yes. North. St Ali North, to you.

This exciting new address sees it perched on the border of Carlton North, Brunswick East and Fitzroy North and nudging the Capital City Trail on the corner of Park Street and Nicholson. The date for local coffee purveyors: December 4th.

Here’s the roll call of expert staff:
• Salvatore Malatesta (co-owner)
• Jessie Gerner (Executive Chef and co-owner)
• Matt Perger (Coffee Consigliore, Head of Coffee not to mention World Barista Champion)
• Jamie Thomson (Head Barista)
• Adam Del Mastro (General Manager)
• Chris Hamburger (Head Chef)
• Shaun Quaid (Pastry Chef)

If you consider yourself a bike-riding northie you’ll be smitten as St Ali North features a ride-through for on-the-go caffeine collection. And thanks to Velo Cycles, you can get your wheels serviced while you sip.

What’s on the ride-thru / take a seat / or pack for a picnic nearby menu? The zesty zucchini salad will be fast become a favourite, or try a comforting beet and carrot muffin with sweet carrot jam on top (brick shaped of course, not round) from Pastry maestro Quaid.

Need fresh coffee beans 24/7? No problem, you can pick them up from your own private postbox (complete with key) at St Ali North. Three lucky people also have a shot (espresso, thanks) to win their own postbox, with a year’s supply of coffee delivered to their box each week. Get a ticket for the twitter lottery by following @ST_ALi until Friday 7th of December with the hashtag #iridenorth

That’s raises the coffee bar high enough for mere mortals, but if you’re still left wanting, you’ll find a beard trimming service here as well.

St Ali North
815 Nicholson Street, Carlton North
Open daily 6am – 6pm

Image L-R: Jamie Thomson (Head barista), Matt perger, (Head of coffee), Chris Hamburger (head chef), Salvatore Malatesta (co-owner) and Jesse Gerner (co-owner and executive chef).

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