The Vegan New York Style Deli in Fitzroy



Smith & Daughters have been feeding vegans and other hungry humans alike on Brunswick Street for a while now. Owners Shannon Martinez, former head chef of The Sweetwater Inn, South and The Gasometer Hotel, and Mo Wyse (the brains behind the original Collingwood People’s Market) have seen that people are digging what they’re doing and thought it was about time they expanded the offering and the brand. Their answer?

> Go vegan and never look back at Smith & Daughters 

Smith & Deli. A New York style deli serving up Jewish food, home cooked foods, take home groceries, and of course sandwiches. And there’s no animal products here either. Located at 111 Moor Street in Fitzroy near the Smith & Daughters restaurant, the deli focuses on some serious comfort food. Think pre-prepared meals like lasagna, pizzas, soups, sandwiches, pastries, and salads. And of course, coffee, thank goodness. There’s even vegan croissants to go with that coffee, as well as specialty breads, and 5 & Dime Bagels. Or perhaps a smoothie if that’s more your thing.


Martinez, who is on hand most days to chat to customers about all her wonderful creations is also creating the food of Jewish dinner tables, but with an obviously vegan spin. Think matzo-ball soup, knishes, and gefilte fish.

For those who want to buy now and cook later, there’s also a range of take home products including pasta sauces, vegan cheese, and dried pasta to make a complete meal. Plus a small range of wine, making this a true one-stop shop.

Myse and Martinez don’t want us to think about the meat we’ll be missing out on, but rather the good times that we’ll enjoy with their delicious creations. We’re not complaining.

Smith & Deli
111 Moor Street, Fitzroy
Opening mid-to-late April, 7am to 8pm

Images by Nicole Goodwin


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