Retrojan for old school furniture

You understand obsession. You’ve given into it, at many times. Remember, the time you left one city for another on the heels of the wrong lover, and spent far too many hours looking for hidden tracks on old Beatles vinyl. Now, you have Retrojan.

They have their own obsessions too – call it a laser focus on retro-furniture – and wear them with pride on their online store sleeves. Modern retro living is their catch-phrase and it speaks loudly to anyone with a penchant for all things old-school but ‘new’.

Yesterday’s aesthetic with today’s contemporary extra. Best yet, it’s available without scouring endless stores in the desperate hope of finding just one small treasure. There is no trash here. Just great quality furniture with a style that harks back to something super special.

Take ‘Josephine’, an office desk with Scandinavian curves lovingly built from natural Mahogany timber and Mindy veneer, or ‘Gwyneth’, a retro sideboard credenza that lets your minimalism skills shine. Look for ‘Henry’, a coffee table that’s always ready to be on the move, and ‘Richie’, a st of occasional chairs that pack panache.

Then there’s the price. Everything under $1000? That’s the Retrojan claim. A closer inspection of their tables, sofas, desks and chairs will confirm. Here’s everything you need to fit out a place with a vintage/retro/industrial edge.

Best of both worlds, really.


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