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PhysicorePilates is not one to rest on its laurels. We’ve seen the exercise and conditioning routine grow and develop in the hands on many a trainer across the country. The latest news in the Pilates world is the opening of Physicore’s Mosman studio. Bringing the hard-core 50 minute routine to Sydney’s North Shore.

Starting in Paddington in 2012, Physicore teaches the Lagree Fitness method to Pilates lovers using the only Megaformers in Sydney. Reformers – or Pilates beds as they look – offer resistance, and tools for creating a more difficult class. The Megareformer is twice the size of your standard reformer, and offers more functionality, tensions, and range of movement. They assist in creating a better workout with less risk of injury.

The high intensity work out incorporates cardio and resistance training, resulting in a session that not only burns calories, and tones your body,  but it also strengthens and lengthens your muscles.

You can feel the burn with three different classes including:


This is the Lagree method in all its glory. 50 minutes of butt kicking Pilates using the Megareformers.


Perfect for Physicore beginners, this slower paced class helps to perfect technique, while delivering a complete body workout.


This takes your regular class and adds kettlebell intervals. Killer right? This is for those who are seeking an extra boost of cardio training in their workout. A serious workout, and best for those who know their way around the reformers.

No doubt your buns will thank you tomorrow. 

Level 1, 515 Military Road, Mosman, 2088



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