Paws for Life to the Rescue

Paws for Life_animals eatingRuff. Meow. Calling all pet lovers! Let us introduce you to your animal’s new best friend – Paws for Life.

Pooch and feline owners everywhere are chasing their tails with excitement at this pet-friendly website offering everything you need for your four-legged friends, all at the click of a button.

Say goodbye to late night dashes for emergency pet food supplies, or Saturday morning trips to the vet for overdue heartworm tablets. No more lugging 10kg bags of kibble to the car either. Paws for Life has you covered.

They stock every type of dog and cat food your fury friend could imagine, plus medication, flea treatments, toys and treats – all delivered straight to your door within 24 hours (if you live in the metro distribution area). You can even set up a reoccurring order and they’ll deliver your goods regularly without having to lift a finger, or paw.

Move over dogs. Paws for Life could be Man’s new best friend.

Paws for Life

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