Palmer and Co

“Can I have a gin please?”, “Nope, no alcohol served here”… Just imagine what life would be like stepping back in time to the roaring 20’s in the good ole US of A.  Prohibition has outlawed drinking, yet across the country, top hatted gents and risky ladies revel with the moonshiners.

Fast-forward to today and Mr Hemmes is at the forefront of his own salubrious speakeasy scene.

Simply don your best flapper outfit and tap-dance down Abercrombie Lane to a forbidden underground world.  Embracing the art of drinking isn’t hard in this ye olde drinking den. The cavernous cellar is buzzing.  

Wooden display cabinets filled with boozy historic artefacts and fashions are dotted amongst ample seating. The DJ cranks out tunes from the roaring 20’s. Expect to be bamboozled with a drinks menu with rare spirit gems scoured from across the world and drink from bespoke glassware recast from the speakeasy era. Down a Hollywood Sour or go historic with a Prohibition cocktail, that is, if you can resist a rare Georgia Moon Corn whisky.

New Yorker Kosher goes crazy with generous charcuterie boards, mac n cheese and chicken matzo ball soup to help you get with the secret vibe. You can be sure that if atmosphere doesn’t lift your spirits the alcohol will do.

Palmer & Co
Abercrombie Lane, Sydney 2000
T: 9240 3172
Mon-Thurs 5pm till late, Fridays 3p till 5am (and the kitchens are open!)

About the author

Karen’s corporate job back in the UK had included entertaining clients in some of the best restaurants. This ultimately sparked a curiosity 'Just how do they do that?' (she confesses she was brought up on meat and vegetables, so this was all very exciting). Currently a Mr & Mrs Smith 'Tastemaker', she’s flashpacked around the world, learning about wine, experiencing different cultures and cuisines and had a two- year love affair with it all. Originally from England, she finally settled in Australia and continues to be besotted by food, wine and travel preferring to focus on the luxury end of town (thread count does matter).


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