Orient yourself with organics

The bold colour of organic

The organic food movement has taken over our shelves and and in case you’ve never tried organic food before, you may be wondering if the price difference is really worth it on pre-packaged goods.

We’re here to tell you that thanks to Australia Organic Awareness month (September 2020), our own awareness of the great taste of organic is worth the extra investment. 

Organic muesli

Organic is not just chemical free. It’s about a whole system of growing and also handling food. The system includes soil, plants and animals. Organic products are grown and processes without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilisers or GMOs. 

Fresh produce is an obvious winner  – the taste is abundantly clear. Now the range of organic produce available is huge. From muesli to peanut butter to coffee, chocolate milk, quinoa and noodles – there is an organic replacement on most staples. Most importantly though, there’s organic wine. Each one product has an incredible taste – you float back to childhood and remember how food used to taste. Perhaps it’s psychosomatic  – but they feel better in your body too. 

Delicious Angove Organic wines

The reality is that all organic everything may not be possible – so pick the foods that are important to you and go organic on those. This way you’ll enjoy the real flavour of your favourites. 

Organic produce is available from Coles and Woolworths.
Find out more about organic produce.

About the author

Michelle hails from the UK – but grew up with big flavours and spices thanks to her Singaporean Mum. International cuisine has always been part of Michelle’s life as she explored the world in the pursuit of delicious food and wine – along with a castle or two. Michelle now lives in Sydney after a lengthy stint in Brisbane (a city dear to her heart, which she visits frequently). She is letting her nose and palette be her guide as she discovers and shares exciting and delicious dining experiences. Michelle also loves, in equal measure, fashion, sunshine and puppies.


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