Nora, Now Baking 100 Black Based Tarts a Day


It’s an exciting time when a business takes the leap from simply supplying, to opening their own shop. Nora is the result of just that. 

Have you ever had a tart in Melbourne where the base was black, reminiscent of charcoal? But tasted disturbingly good? You’ve probably had one of the tarts now being sold at Nora in Carlton. Why are they black you ask? They’re tinted with charcoal from coconut husks. Clever. These tarts have done the rounds at the Flour Market, Seven Seeds, Place Holder, Twenty & Six Espresso, Eau de Vie, and CBD’s Traveller.


Owners Sarin Rojanametin (Longrain, St Ali, and the Commoner), and self-taught baker Jean Thamthanakorn have taken their loved tarts and created a space for them on Elgin Street in Carlton. That is how Nora was born. 100 tarts a day are baked and filled with lemongrass and ginger brûlée, coconut pandan, strawberries with tamarind cream cheese, or kaffir lime custard with sour cherries. A perfect mix of Asian flavours and Western cooking techniques.

There is also a full brunch menu where Rojanametin can flex his culinary muscles. The sous vide egg served with a spiced doughnut and chilli paste or the muesli made with durian and lotus root is something you’re unlikely to find at your local. For something totally Instagram worthy go for the mini breakfast-in-bed which dishes up house-made sourdough, butter, cheese, jam, chicken-liver parfait, and cured pork belly.


We feel like pre-ordering 100 tarts. Just saying.

15 Elgin Street, Carlton 3053
Monday-Friday, 7am-3.30pm

Saturday-Sunday: 8am-4pm

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Yoga teacher, writer, blogger, and marketing whiz – it’s safe to say Amy Collins is a busy little lady. Her idea of a stellar evening is yoga class followed by a glass of wine. Her favourite quote: “In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.”


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