Getting Our Feet Dirty with Noisy Ritual 


Stomping grapes to make your own wine seems like a dying art, doesn’t it? The team at Noisy Ritual want to change that. Just like the communities in Europe who used stomping wine grapes as a way to come together, Noisy Ritual sees their new venture as a way to bring people together while enjoying the lost art of getting your hands (and feet) dirty to make a good drop. They’re opening Melbourne’s first interactive ‘urban winery’ and they’re using Pozible to do it. 

How did it all start? When winemakers Alexander Byrne (of Lethbridge Wines) and Sam Vogel (Provenance Wines) heard a friend from high school, Cam Nicol had found a concrete wine fermenter underneath his house, they did what any sane person would do and ordered half a tonne of Shiraz grapes.

Friends started coming over to help with the stomping and of course they loved it, so the team thought it made sense to get the rest of Melbourne involved.


How does it work? By pledging to their Pozible campaign you can become a member of this urban winery and be part of every step of the way from the stomping, to the pressing, to the bottling, and of course the drinking. Sans cab charge to the Yarra Valley. Throughout these events there will be live music, DJs, wine tastings and food. And word on the street is there will be more events throughout the year to keep your whistle wet.

The best part? These guys aren’t wine snobs. They want to help you learn and have as much fun as you can along the way.


Noisy Ritual
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