New Shanghai Opens in Emporium

img_8182 editedYou know the cool kid at school who got all the good things in life? It feels like Emporium Melbourne is the new cool kid in Melbourne. It’s seen a lot of good things open, but lucky for us, they are here for our enjoyment. New Shanghai has opened its doors. Cue dumpling mania. Let’s just pretend Sydney didn’t get it first, ok?

New Shanghai is known and loved in Sydney for its new look at Shanghai street food. We all know Melbourne loves a good street food vibe, so we expect this is going to go down well with the hungry crowds. Said hungry crowds can expect anything from freshly made xiao long bao, pan fried pork buns, prawn wontons tossed in peanut butter, red chilli oil, and spices, and crispy shallot pancakes to sweet soy braised pork belly.

Giant, the hospitality design group, was the team behind New Shanghai’s interior. Known for their work across Sydney, the group has recreated a 1920s Shanghai street theme for the new restaurant fit with vintage Chinese posters, plants, and cobblestone tiles. You might just think you’ve found yourself in a back street in Shanghai.

If eating dumplings simply isn’t enough for you, you can watch the dumplings take shape at live dumpling making theatre.  

Your new go-to to curb dumpling addiction.

New Shanghai
Shop 323, Level 3, Emporium Shopping Centre
287 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne, VIC, 3000

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