Mr. Wednesday Invites You to Fairfield

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Grange Road in Fairfield isn’t exactly known for its culinary prowess. It’s the kind of place that’s used as a means to an end, rather than a destination. One 22-year-old carpenter (Dylan Breen), who works as a waiter at night, is trying to change all of that with the opening of his first café Mr.Wednesday.

From the look of the space, it’s everything we want in a cute new café. Exposed brick, hanging lights, and abundant greenery. But the place is given a more masculine vibe with the thick concrete bar and motorcycle hanging from the wall. You might also catch a glimpse of the vintage motorcycle Breen rides to work. After some overseas travel and a shot at opening up a cafe in London with one of his mates, Breen got to test out his theories right here in Melbourne.

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The small space will be serving up Industry Beans Coffee, Rustica Sourdough bread and pastries, and a menu designed by chef Erica Nelson (ex Industry Beans). Speaking of the menu, it opens with French Fruit Toast served with whipped cream cheese, pear and fig chutney, crispy bacon, and maple syrup for those who appreciate a sweet and salty combination. It moves on to vanilla chia porridge with caramelised nut crumble, cranberries, blueberries, honey, apple, nasturtiums, and fresh cream for those who like it sweet. There are big brekkies for both meat eaters and the vegetarians among us, smashed avocado served with peas, mint chevre, baby spinach, and lemon myrtle, and even a breakfast burger if you’re famished.

Share plates like the fried chicken ribs and larger dishes like the rainbow salad provide more of a lunch time vibe.

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The coffee menu from Industry Beans opens with the Fitzroy Street blend and moves to some single origin options like the Kenta Co-Operative. Smoothies, a handful of teas, and Hepburn Mineral Springs varieties round out the drinks offering.

Mr. Wednesday is a local’s café for sure, but it might just bring more of a crowd to Grange Road.

Mr. Wednesday
144 Wingrove Street, Fairfield, VIC 

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