Moush your space

Do you consider yourself a worthy contender and yet-to-be uncovered source of inspiration for today’s artist? Attention all wannabe muses, welcome to Moush.

The Moush concept is simple. Your Space. Your Stories. Our Splash. Owners Vivien and Emilia Mousholouf are personalising art for the people with aplomb.

Imagine your best-friends wedding bouquet, a daughter’s first pair of sneakers, prized collectables or a photo of Mum and Dad on their first date. Moush can turn any object, moment, story or event into a timeless piece of art that has your name written all over it – voilah!   

Doesn’t matter if you’ve got all the gear and no idea. Moush uses a host of artistic techniques that promise to compliment yours truly; think graphic design, screen-printing, mixed media and sculptures.

The best part? Whether it’s your home, office or treasured space, if an injection of personality is the remedy, Moush is poised to amuse and delight you every step of the way and create a brag-worthy centre stage moment. 

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