Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2013

MDG AesopWanderlust

She’s got places to go and things to see. Cordoba or Columbia? They’re both on the hit list. You’re inspired by her free spirit, curiosity for people and their culture, and her innate ability to pack an overnight bag with finesse. She’s the one you want on your Trivial Pursuit team to score on those geography and history quizzes.

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For the mummy dearest who appreciates the finer things in life. You’re inspired by her impeccable taste, covetable designer wardrobe and ability to pull together an outfit of perfection in a matter of seconds. Her styling expertise can be seen not only in her fashion but in her home as well. Designer brands are not limited to her wardrobe.

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She has built the reputation of best host in town. Her hors d’oeuvres are something to behold and her abode; styled with hints of Martha Stewart perfection. A pro that can conjure up a three course meal in heels with not even a hair out of place, this mother is a host you can boast about.

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She still has a picture of your painting crafted in preschool hanging up on the fridge, which she refuses to take down. Her warmth and caring personality make her your go-to person on a rough day. You appreciate the effort she’s put into decorating the house to make it feel like a home with enough style to make it worthy for a Vogue Living photo shoot.

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The doyenne of juggling work and home life. Not only does she bring home the bacon but she fries it up in a pan and serves it for breakfast too. She never compromises her style and her wardrobe packs a designer punch. For the woman that does it all; from raising children to inspiring colleagues to catch-ups with friends, there’s no stopping this multi-tasker.

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Whether it’s waking up at the crack of dawn to go for a bike ride or spending the weekend out in the garden planting herbs, this mum loves to be outside. She tells you she’s been eating organic produce long before Miranda Kerr could even say the word ‘organic.’ You love her energy and aspire to have the same zest for life as she does.

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She knows the difference between a pram and a stroller but still harbours a strong affinity for lacquered red-soled heels. She’s read all the baby books on the bestseller list, and can’t wait to combine children and couture into her life, to be comfortable without sacrificing her personal style.

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