Veggie Patch heaven

Organic has been the new black for so long, it’s now faded to a kind of muddy brown.

Perfect for planting the latest batch of seasonal vegetables in the comfort of that urban/suburban backyard. Or no backyard at all, really. With these veggie patches, constructed from fruit crates, wine barrels and other cleverly recycled bits and pieces, that’s the beauty of it all.

A courtyard or verandah will do. Just make sure there’s enough sun and there’ll be things sprouting up faster than a Friday night pizza delivery. Er…actually…not that fast. But that’s the point too. Slow food is good food and food grown at home is the ultimate in slow sustenance.

The green thumbs at Little Veggie Patch Co know that you might not have a clue about worm castings, seedlings or compost. Good thing they do.  Crates can be delivered empty, or pay more and have them dropped off, rearing to go, loaded with rich soil and a sprinkling of heirloom seeds just waiting to be raised in your loving home.

The Instant Veggie Garden are similar – promising a private garden of edible delights, “without the sweat”, using redgum, or cypress pine raised beds, wine barrels and a lot of gardening know-how to bring a taste of the country to the inner-suburbs, where space is at a premium but flavour should still be king.

The Little Veggie Patch Co
2A Brighton Road,
 East St Kilda

The Instant Veggie Garden
T: (03) 9531 5594

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