My My, MoMo

MoMo‘s the Melbourne restaurant you book when you are setting out to impress or you want to be impressed.
Holding two hats and proudly dominating the Middle Eastern niche, MoMo expresses an unparalleled level of gastronomic grandeur. The executive chef is of equal comparison. Greg Malouf, a Sheikh of the stove, forged his native cuisine into the spotlight.

A tornado of reality cooking programs spin in a flurry towards him, and Greg declines politely each time. A humble hero of the kitchen he chooses an informal conversation with food and guests over the fame.
A glittering Arabesque experience begins as the elevator door swish shut behind you. As you are lowered into the crystalline cacoon the adoration and marvel sets in.

Tuesday’s (4th Oct) dinner is the exclusive launch of Greg’s new and 6th award-winning cookbook to date. Malouf: New Middle Eastern Food, contains over 340 recipes from his travels around North Africa and Moorish Spain, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iran and the Arabian Peninsula.

Expect a five course sharing menu from his new tome includes dishes such as Lamb manti in hot yoghurt soup with silverbeet and paprika butter, Quail with saffron, fenugreek, black pepper and chickpeas and Middle Eastern tiramisu with orange blossom and Turkish coffee.

Dishes to adore first, then to attempt in your own domain.

Dinner with Greg Malouf

4 October 2011, 7pm
$190 pp (matched wines included), reservations are essential
MoMo – Lower Plaza Level, 123 Collins Street, Melbourne, 3000

T: 03 9650 0660

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