Make, do and mend

If you’re a fan of the Mad Men style like us, you might be dreaming of a full 50’s floral dress, liquid eyeliner and bold red lips or perhaps the three piece suit and dapper hat for the gentleman?

It’s this exact mentality of appreciating the details and having an outfit tailor made that will stay in your wardrobe for years to come that inspired Karlee Slater to move from Queensland to Melbourne and begin her business ‘Golden Age Vintage’.

Karlee offers traditional tailoring techniques reminiscent of the 30’s- 50’s era where women’s suits fit you like a glove. It takes around three weeks to make a suit from start to finish including a variety of fittings to ensure no short cuts are taken and the finish is perfect.

It’s a one-stop shop experience where Karlee hopes we adopt the WW2 attitude of “make do and mend” and look after good quality clothing that will last from season to season. To dispose of a disposable society where cheap, fast fashion is in and out of our wardrobes like a turnstile.

If the suit isn’t enough for your vintage transformation, you can also pick up some vintage silk stockings, hair curlers and get your hair and make up done.

Golden Age Vintage
Suite 11, Ground Floor, 12 Collins Street Melbourne 3000
T: 0401 302 550


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