Golden Fields forever

You know that 60’s psychedelic rendition, ‘Strawberry Fields’, a song that gained cult-like status and left the world in a haze-filled dream? Well today, one can’t be blamed for experimenting with ‘Golden Fields’ a.k.a. Andrew McConnell’s newest Fitzroy Street eating house and have a comparable (but only food-induced) condition.

Having dined at Cumulus Inc. and Cutler & Co, you’d have been at the mercy of McConnell’s skill; the way he entices you with top quality (and sometimes the simplest) produce to create flavour-packed combinations that aren’t just easy on the eye, but also the palate. Well Golden Fields is no different.

Rather this time, you’re taken on a journey to the east.

After falling victim to Asia’s respect and understated approach to all things culinary, McConnell’s menu brings to life his interpretation of the region’s traditional dishes.

Expect small plates to share; fresh sea urchins, rustic pork dumplings, homemade silken bean curd and twice cooked duck (the Duckfish – yes, there’s such a thing, is his personal favourite).

Here, the craftsmanship extends beyond the food melding expertise from Projects of Imagination, artists and designers alike. Even the plate beneath your food is the handiwork of ceramic artist Shane Kent.

Fields you’ll want to be lost in, forever.

Golden Fields
157 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda 3182
T: 03 9525 4488

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