Gertrude Street Projection Festival

You can see peculiar things happening on Gertrude Street on any day of the year.

But only over 10 nights in July can you see giant “Skypetrait” portraits cast onto the façade of the Turning Point site, natural elements engaging in an old-fashion slapstick fight to the death, or psychical manifestations of memory played out in kaleidoscopic beams of colour.  

See familiar buildings, laneways, footpaths and shop fronts in inspired new ways at Gertrude Street’s free outdoor street gallery. Pimping out the surrounds with a graphic geek-out of luminescent art are projection virtuosos and community groups from Melbourne and further abroad, united in their psychedelic visions and relish of the weird and wonderful.

Take a stroll through the vivid caverns of another’s mind, pause at trippy tree trunks, or snag the window seat at a street-side restaurant to indulge in a real sensory extravaganza.

Thought you knew these streets like the back of your hand? Prepare to have your perceptions delightfully rearranged. 

Gertrude Street Projection Festival
20 – 29 July 2012
Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, 3065
0414 893 075

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