Barre It All at Barre Body

For lithe, limber beauty of the core fitness variety, ballet has always been regarded as an exercise par excellence. The result is length and lean-ness. Elongation of the muscles that creates a healthy posture and a particular type of tone. Gwyneth is a fan, don’t you know.

Now certified yoga instructor and wellness entrepreneur, Emma Seibold, raises the barre. Barre body. The inspiration followed the birth of baby Xavier and that common post-baby wish to get back into those jeans. Think yoga. Think Pilates. Add some isometrics and step up the barre for some extra oomph.

At the moment it’s tres exclusive at just one tranquil, intimate Melbourne-based studio but soon everyone will want it and there are already more studios in the pipeline.

Health warning: it’s not for the lazy of spirit. Barre Body comes with an attitude – a reshaping of more than just your figure. Standing at the barre to help crunch that tummy slackness is one thing but living well, eating well and thinking positive thoughts about effort and your good health helps too.

Barre Body
175 Flinders Lane, Melbourne 3000

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