Bar Americano

Does anyone still alive remember the prohibition era? No? Bar Americano offers an alcohol-soaked taste of what it might have been like in this tiny space at the end of Melbourne’s Presgrave Place.

Matt Rees is fresh from celebrating Der Raum’s 10-year success with German-born artist Matt Bax and the pair, today launch, this new venture – designed to muddle a dram of classic European culture with a splash of the style of America’s iconic prohibition-era bars – with high hopes.

More than just nightlife, Bar Americano is set to make its mark on this city’s coffee culture, with the bar’s own espresso blend available to create a daytime hangout fit for even the tea-totallers.

Sweet Studio maestros, Ian Burch and Darren Purchese are handling the treats, while the restaurant scene’s golden boy, Attica’s Ben Shewry, has his hand in the other food offerings.

Office workers will see through the ploy to seduce them into an evening of drinking with the free tasting plates between 4-6pm but they probably won’t care. Not after a cocktail or two, anyway.

Bar Americano
20 Presgrave Place Melbourne 3000
Open Monday – Saturday 7am – 11pm

No bookings accepted, first served

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