Laugh Out Loud at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival


The comedy festival is a place for many lols, excellent nights out with friends, an occasional awkward first date – proving you have very different senses of humour, and of course a lot of local and international talent. But like many a large festival, choice can sometimes be too much. And there is nothing worse than finding yourself at a comedy show where nothing is funny and everything is uncomfortable. While everyone has a different sense of humour, we’ve chosen five of the shows that are worth a look in.

Let Me Know How it All Works Out


Celia Pacquola

Local girl Celia Pacquola might be familiar to you if you’re into shows like Utopia and Offspring. Or if you’re seriously into funny women. She is returning this year with her Amused Moose Laughter (Edinburgh Fringe Festival) award winning and Barry Nominated show Let Me Know How it All Works Out. She takes a look into the future in what is sure to be a quick and insightful show.

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New Order UK


Dane Baptiste

Dane Baptiste is appearing in the festival as part of the New Order UK that is showcasing new UK talent along with Joel Dommett, Lazy Susan, and Phil Wang. Dane is cutting and clever, and not exactly suitable for those under 15 years of age, but those of us who are older will be struggling to hold in the giggles at the occasional inappropriate joke. This newcomer was a nominee for the Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Newcomer 2014 in the Edinburgh Fringe. His show shares stories from his life, his background, and some hilarious moments you won’t be expecting.

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You Know What I’m Like


Anne Edmonds

Anne Edmonds is known for her work on the ABC TVs Backseat Driver, It’s A Date, and Wednesday Night Fever. Being a regular on the scene since 2010, she’s been performing all over the country and even performed at the New York Comedy Festival in 2013. This year she’s bringing us a show about sitting on a bus alone, and what you might hear when you listen in to the conversations around you. This lady doesn’t take herself too seriously at all, just looking at the promo video for her show will prove just that.

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From Spiegelworld, comes a larger than life performance filled with sex, burlesque, acrobatics, slight nudity, and a serious amount of strength. It’s making its way to Melbourne from a few seasons in New York and a four-year successful run in Las Vegas. The show is inspired by Europe in the late 19th century and the booze filled cabarets that filled that time. This is definitely an adult-themed event where the performers give us a sexy mix of circus, burlesque, and vaudeville. It’s an experience not just a performance.

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RAW Comedy National Grand Final


Starting out in anything can be scary, but we can only imagine stand-up comedy is scarier. RAW sees some of the best newcomers to the business battling it out to be named the 2015 RAW Comedy National Champion. Known comedians such as Josh Thomas, Hannah Gadsby, Ronny Chieng, and even Celia Pacquola have all been on this stage at one point in their career. The winner will get to have their time in the light at the Edinburgh Fringe, where a career can really be made. With this many newbies on stage, disaster or pure brilliance may follow. You’ll never know until you go.

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Melbourne International Comedy Festival
March 25 – April 19, 2015

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