Masterchef Adam Liaw kicks off Secret Supper Series

If being whisked away to a private location and having a crafted three-course meal prepared by some of Australia’s hottest chefs sounds like your bag of chips, then the Red Rock Deli Secret Suppers are for you.

We find out where we are dining on the day. We head down to a less than ordinary, somewhat neglected building in Ultimo. The Red Rock Deli team have transformed this open industrial space into an intimate one night only Secret Supper venue, led by Adam Liaw.

The 2010 MasterChef winner, chef, author of six cookbooks and TV personality Adam Liaw (who we at Daily Addict have a major crush on) kicked off an exclusive five-month long dining series that will take an intimate group of diners on a journey of spice and flavour.

Now, Red Rock Deli aren’t your normal chips. No no. To generate their flavours, the team invite chefs into the kitchen to create meals, and it’s the taste of those meals that are translated, by another team of experts, onto the chips you know and love.   For the Suppers, the team reverse the process – this time the chip flavours inspire the dishes. Curious indeed!

Adam’s fusion adventure begins with the Korean inspired entre, a pork and prawn ssam and sesame leaf with kimchi, pickles and fermented chili ssamjang. This was light, incredibly fresh and included kimchi that possessed a big chili kick.  The serving size is enormous, dont mistake it for the main meal!

Pork and Prawn with ssam entre

The main is south-east Asian inspired and consists of beef cheeks braised in coconut, chili and anise with kankong. The Coconut rice transports the rich coconut and chili curry sauce to a heavily salivating palate.  Finish with a crunchy-on-the-outside-gooey-in-the-inside lychee and mango pavlova.

The lychee and mango pavlova

The very charming (yup! it’s a real crush) Adam explained “The menu really provides the opportunity to taste new flavours – without having to travel. It’s food I love to cook. It’s welcoming and not too experimental”. It won’t be seen elsewhere.

Four more chefs will feed your curiosity with Red Rock Deli Secret Suppers over the next five months, including Shanghainese Chef Chris Yan of Lotus Dining, Duncan Welgemoed, Paul Turner and Giorgio Di Stefano. Each chef designing a bespoke three course menu inspired by Red Rock Deli’s new Limited-Edition Fusion range of potato chips.

Tickets to the Secret Supper are by ballot only.
Cost $110
Apply here for tickets

Photos by Conrad Coleby, Realm Photography.

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