Lockdown Banana Bread – let’s get Spotty with it!

Baking isn’t’ for everyone. Even a lockdown can’t get those who fear the failure of a rise, to man up and arm themselves with a spatula!

So we are loving Spotty Banana Bread mixes (from the team who brough us the Protein Bread Company) to turn every naysayer into the king or queen of the ulitmate lockdown bake – The banana bread. Its all in a pre-ordered mix which lives in your fridge. Just add bannans and eggs.

The humble ‘nana’ is a super food – full of antioxidants boosting your immune system. They’re a great source of vitamin B6, fibre, protein, potassium,magnesium, vitamin c and manganese.

The team have worked with the best Aussie farmers and so each baking mix packed with only the best, premium ingredients from these legends. Simply jump onto the website and order up a storm. You can chose from four different baking mixes which are all vegan (traditional, protein, sugar free and gluten free plus a range of healthy add ins like vanilla baking collagen, choc chip or vegan egg replacer.

Our beautiful box arrived earlier this week. So exciting!! We even had stickers to pop onto our yellow friends to identify them for baking. First up we took three sad ageing and spotty bananas and mashed them up with 3 eggs, then added the ‘Traditional Mix’ with a boost of collagen. Gave it a stir and poured it into a loaf tin. Within 50 mins our house was smelling gloriously like a bakery and by 10am a cuppa and a thick slice of golden bread was ours!! In fact it was so morish that a slice turned into a few, and ultimately we socially distanced shared slices with our neighbours. A few days later, we did the same with the ‘Protein Mix’ – this one had a stronger caramalised flavour but all the same chewy inside and crispy crust.

So whether its a treat for you, friends, family or even a work bake off challenge, we loved the fun that Spotty Banana Bread brought to our day – to make life a little more, well, spotty, but in a good way.

Spotty Banana Bread

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