KX Pilates takes it to the next level with KX Barre

Kx BarreDo you remember when the characters on The O.C were talking about yogalates? The yoga Pilates fusion all the women were doing to keep fit? Back then it seemed hilarious and sounded even funnier. But, flash forward 10 years, and exercise would be nothing without fusion. The latest fusion to make its way to our mats is KX Barre from the team at KX Pilates.

Apparently Margot Robbie, Madonna, and Natalie Portman can thank this new routine for their bodies. A 50 minute session of ballet barre, KX pilates, and cardio rolled into one butt- kicking workout. Barre, where they use a ballet barre to enhance a workout, has been around for a few years now, but the team at KX have introduced a second barre to the room. Just a few inches off the ground, it offers another level to your average squats, to say the least.

The team has released four styles of barre classes, to target a range of abilities and needs:

Barre Sculpt is all about strengthening and toning while getting you up to speed with all the moves.

Barre Cardio chucked interval training into the mix to really get the heart rate going, with all the toning elements still very much a part of the class.

Barre Bump   for those carrying another little person along for the ride. This class allows pregnant women to continue training right up until birth.

Barre Baby – post birth, mums can bring the little ones in and rest them in a little carrier attached to their chest. Cute. There are even props for the bubs to use while mum gets busy toning and tightening her entire body. Brilliant.

KX Barre takes the existing Barre workout and runs with it. It’s tougher, working your muscles harder, but it’s still very achievable. And 50 minutes long. Perfect for those of us who like to go hard on the mat, and then go back to our regularly scheduled lives.  

Just expect those buns to hurt tomorrow.

KX Barre classes are run at the KX Barre studios in Malvern, Ascot Vale, Fitzroy, and Kew

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