Hustle & Flow Peeps

 Hustle&FlowHeroThe drinks are smooth but the tunes are smoother at Redfern’s newest RnB inspired watering hole, Hustle & Flow.

Swagger down Regent Street and stop when you hear the all-too familiar beats of Ginuwine’s Pony or sweet sounds of TLC’s Sexy Crazy Cool. Shimmy in the front door and pull up a stool at a simple recycled table – or skip the seat and get down and dirty to a Snoop Dog tune. 

Before perusing the 80s inspired cocktail list, soak up the effortlessly cool vibe and epic graffiti laden walls. The themed bevy list features cocktails like ‘Tupac’s Thug Passion’ and ‘Snoop’s Gin and Juice’. There’s a good selection of wines as well as some Filipino beers to boot.

Hustle to downtown Redfern and get your flow on.

Hustle & Flow Bar
105 Regent Street, Redfern 2016
Open: Tuesday – Friday 5pm – 12am; Saturday 2pm – 12am

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