Hooked does it again

Hooked slider burgerThey say the third time is the charm, and when it comes to Hooked and their newest venue, we’re not going to argue.

All the venues may be similar, but there is nothing wrong with more of a good thing. Hooked has opened their third healthy seafood store in Hawthorn. Joining their Winsdor and Brunswick store as part of the family.

We have the owner Ray to thank for this. From a love of seafood and old-school British fish and chips in London, he has created something that we can all enjoy on the regular. A healthy fish and chip offering that does, he likes to note, allow for the occasional cheeky hot chip craving. 

The menu is designed so you can choose exactly what you want, depending on the moment. House fish can be tempura battered and served with hot twice cooked chips (insanely addictive, just warning you) for a more traditional offering. Seared salmon steaks can be served with an Asian slaw salad for a healthy and light lunch time meal. There’s of course everything in between from grilled prawn tacos, salt and pepper calamari (which is probably worth the trip alone) and burgers with either the house fish, tuna, or a veggie for those avoiding seafood.

A range of other salads, like the super food salad packed with quinoa pleases the health nuts, as does the brown rice and Asian greens option for a side. King prawns or scallops are just some of the other additions you can add to your meal.

It’s a no fuss, wholesome, and healthy offering that genuinely comes from the heart. Just listen to Ray speak if you get the chance. And get us a serve of those chips while you’re there.

Brunswick, Windsor, and now Hawthorn

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