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HEROWant to live like a local without cramping anyone’s style? HomeAway could be for you. It’s one of the largest networks of homes for rent in the world so you get all the cultural flavour without the hassle of sharing with strangers.

Holiday rentals are between 50 – 80 per cent cheaper than hotel rooms per square metre and there’s way more flexibility in terms of what you can negotiate. There are loads of pet-friendly homes for rent (no more boarding kennel trauma) and many homes have gardens, pools, as well as full kitchens so you can head down to the local markets and go crazy buying fresh produce for a cook-up. No more gazing adoringly at plump tomatoes before heading back to the hotel for another same-samey ‘International’ meal.

Anyone who has been away for a long time understands hotel fatigue. Check-in, swipe card, flop on non-descript bed, peer in overpriced mini bar, get up way too early for breakfast buffet. And repeat.

Imagine a world where you swan down the street gathering gourmet treats at a reasonable hour, sipping espresso at a stand up bar or wielding a fresh baguette from the boulangerie instead of another McBland morning in a room full of hungover travellers.

Think villas in historical centres with original art on the walls, bookshelves to rifle through, herbs to snip and an overall sense of immersion you can’t fabricate in anything that’s part of a chain.

From Prahan to Prague, Home Away is a perfect way to explore the world with a little bit of (someone else’s) home comfort.


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