GoodnessMe Box Wholefood Night Market

GoodnessMe Box Night MarketsYou’ve decided to clear out the pantry. Out goes the sugary cereal, flavoured chips and chocolate bars. You make a beeline for the health food aisle. Hmm. Between the protein bars, supplement drinks and package mixes, it’s hard to know what’s healthy, what tastes good and will keep you going throughout the day.

Never fear. Next Wednesday night the garden at the Grounds of Alexandria will be transformed into a healthy haven. From superfood secrets to the best bliss balls, the GoodnessMe Box team will be showcasing some of the goodies you’ll see packed into their monthly delivery boxes. Along with organic wine, smoothie bikes and your favourite celebrity health experts. Did we mention the wine?

It’s not all carrot sticks and celery when it comes to healthy eating. The Grounds will be serving up their own healthy BBQ, Lola Berry will be on hand to show off her brand new smoothie book, and there’ll be plenty of cooking demos and tasting stations throughout the night.

GoodnessMe Box Wholefood Night Market
Wednesday 11th November
6 – 10 pm
Tickets $25
Official website

Get ready to eat healthy at The Grounds of Alexandria

Get ready to eat healthy at The Grounds of Alexandria

 We chat to a few of the cool cats who will be at the markets on Wednesday

Lola Berry, Author, Nutritionist, TV Presenter 

What’s your favourite smoothie ingredient? Anything green!! Cos when you hide it in a smoothie you’re getting all the goodness but often the sweet things like banana and mango hide the bitter green flavour!

What will you be trying first at the GMB Wholefood Night Market? Can I say everything?! So excited to see what everyone is doing and looking forward to meeting lots of new people too.

What’s your top superfood dish? Crispy salmon with smashed avo.

Do you have a favourite healthy snack? Raw date cacao balls always hit the spot. 

What is your best tip to staying healthy? Do it for you, when you put your health first for no other reason than yourself, that’s when the magic happens.

How do you use GMB? I love trying all the new samples and ingredients in my cooking and often smoothie creations!

Scotty Gooding, Personal trainer and founder of The Scott Gooding Project

What’s your best exercise for summer? Summer is the perfect time in my opinion to train outdoors and in beautiful Sydney, there’s really no excuse. I train squats, deadlifts and Olympics lifts in the gym so it’s always rewarding doing some plyometrics on stairs to see the hard work paying off. In particular I’m a fan of vertical bounding – jumping as many steps as possible in one leap – great fun (if you like that sort of thing).

What will you be trying first at the GMB Wholefood Night Market? After eating my bodyweight in yummy, healthy wholefoods, I’ll be jumping on the Soulful Smoothie Bikes!

What’s your top superfood dish? I’m actually cooking one on the night at the GoodnessMe Box Wholefood Night Market – New Zealand Green Mussels cooked in coconut cream.  Shellfish, such as mussels, are packed full of minerals and coupled with some natural fats from the coconut cream you can’t go wrong.

Do you have a favourite healthy snack? I do…actually I have a few, but if I have to narrow it down it would be homemade pate – made from organic chook livers or quite simply, olives.

What is your best tip to staying healthy? Only eat food in its most natural state.  If you can pick it, forage or hunt it then you’re 99% on track for a healthy, clean diet!

The Fit FoodieFitness and Health Food Lover

What will you be trying first at the GMB Wholefood Night Market? I’m a massive fan of Luz Almond products. Their unsweetened almond milk is my favourite when I don’t have time to make my own. I’ll be making a bee-line straight to their stall to try out their new range of dairy-free ice creams. 

What’s your top superfood dish? Banana ice-cream with homemade raw chocolate and chopped nuts. It’s packed with vitamins and minerals from whole food sources and has a great balance of fats, carbs and proteins.

Do you have a favourite healthy snack? My go-to snacks are boiled eggs or my Fit Mixes Protein Balls.

What is your best tip to staying healthy? It might sound cliché, but healthy for me comes down to eating a varied, balanced diet primarily from whole foods. It’s the simplest way to maintain a healthy weight, fuel your mind and body, and have get glowing skin.

How do you use GMB? To find new and exciting health foods to add to my pantry. I’m always exploring new ingredients and GMB is at the forefront of what’s hot in health.

Peta Shulman, Founder, GoodnessMe Box

Where did the inspiration for GMB come from? In 2012 I found myself bed-ridden for three months with barely enough energy to walk to the kitchen. Desperately fatigued, suffering from constant headaches, muscle aches and heavy limbs, I was eventually diagnosed with an autoimmune condition and told I would need antibody blood transfusions once a month for the rest of my life. I decided to take charge of my health and be consistently mindful about the foods I was putting into my body. GoodnessMe Box was created out of a passion for eating clean and getting others excited about nourishing their bodies and living well!

How do you find new products to include each month? We are constantly connecting with like-minded brands and suppliers to be part of the monthly subscription box, and we also have a lot of brands approach us to partner. We search for and try to select products that are two or more of the following: Organic, raw, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, sustainable, fair trade, and vegan products.

Confirmed suppliers for the Wholefood Night Market include blk., IsoWhey, Pic’s Peanut Butter, Luz Almond, Spiral Foods and Suncoast Gold Macadamias – just to name a few!

Lee Holmes, Supercharged FoodAuthor, Nutritionist, Wholefood Chef and Wellness Personality 

What will you be trying first at the GMB Wholefood Night Market? It’s a toss-up between the smoothie bike and the healthy BBQ!

What’s your top superfood dish? I love my Gut Healing Salmon Chowder.  

Do you have a favourite healthy snack? Seanuts! I bake almonds in the oven with sardines and lime = taste sensation

What is your best tip to staying healthy? Add more turmeric to your diet – it’s anti-inflammatory and gives dishes warmth and character.

How do you use GMB? I gift them out to friends 🙂

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