Making Breakfast Balanced and Better

Active BalanceThe health industry is booming at the moment, but you still need to be savvy about what you’re putting in your mouth for breakfast. In fact, you should be militant about starting the day off right.
Gluten free breads, cakes, and sweets are no less full of carbs and sugars as their gluten-filled counterpart, yet we’ve seen a rise in people ditching gluten without really thinking it through. It’s important when on a gluten free diet – whether that be out of necessity or choice to keep bloating and sluggishness at bay – that you’re choosing foods that are high in nutrients as well as being free of gluten.
For more than twenty years Freedom Foods has been making great-tasting, nutritious and allergen-free food, and we’re kind of hooked on their new Active Balance cereal range.
It’s not just about eliminating gluten though, let’s talk taste, and make sure you’re familiar with the two great new flavours to give you choice in the mornings – buckwheat and quinoa (a mix of crunchy buckwheat and quinoa flakes with whole pepitas), and multigrain and cranberry (a combo of crunchy buckwheat and sorghum flakes, whole pepitas and cranberries).
Think of Active Balance not just free of nasties like artificial colours and flavours, but an upgrade kind of cereal, packed with a range of nutrients making it one of those healthy choices to give you more pep in your day. A serving includes 25% of your daily fibre intake with 50g per serve, which is made up of soluble, insoluble, and prebiotic fibre.  It has four times less sodium than other bran cereals* and is packed with pepita seeds rich in good fats and protein. Buckwheat and Quinoa are two of the best complete sources of high quality protein. It’s also made with non GMO ingredients, has no added oil, and is of course gluten free, wheat free, and nut free.
But what really sets these cereals apart is the highly digestive prebiotic addition. What are prebiotics? They’re an extraordinary, naturally occurring form of fibre which nourish and feed the ‘helpful’ bacteria in your digestive system. By nourishing these ‘good bugs’ it helps reduce the growth of harmful bacteria, in turn maintaining a balance that your gut needs to work at its peak and fight off nasties.
Whether you’re on a gluten free diet or not, this fibre and prebiotic packed cereal is a great one to have in the cupboard. Keep your body humming with Active Balance for healthy, satisfying and quick to prepare breakfasts.
For more information on Active Balance and Freedom Food’s entire range, head to their website

This message is sponsored by feel good lovers Freedom Foods

*At time of print

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