Four Cookbooks to Fill the Shelves Right Now

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Cookbooks are the kinds of books you can enjoy for a moment at a time or for hours on end. You pick them up, check an ingredient before diving into the kitchen, or cuddle up with them for hours on the couch with a cup of tea and a mind open to inspiration. If you’re anything like us, the shelves of your bookcases are bursting with books that discuss the wonderful topic of food. We’ve rounded up four of our favourites at the moment. Healthy eating and otherwise.

Alice’s Food A – Z


Alice Zaslavsky (former middle school teacher, MasterChef Contestant, and host of TV quiz show Kitchen Whiz) is as bubbly as her coloured pants and gorgeous glasses suggest, which makes her the perfect person to get little people excited about food and cooking. Her resume doesn’t hurt either.  Alice’s Food A – Z Edible Adventures gives us over 40 recipes from smoothies to borsch, while educating the kids at the same time in a fun and approachable way. As the book unfolds letter by letter she will guide you and your kids through cooking techniques, fun facts, and recipes that will make kids forget they’re eating healthy.

Alice’s Food A – Z by Alice Zaslavsky

The Happy Cookbook


Lola Berry (TV nutritionist and author) is at it again. Not too long after the release of her ever-popular 20/20 Diet Cookbook, she was back in the kitchen recipe testing for her new cookbook The Happy Cookbook. This new release takes things a little further as Lola delves into mindfulness, exercise, happiness, sleep, nature, and yoga throughout 130 sugar free, gluten free, extremely healthy, and mouth wateringly tasty recipes. Bananas are pan-fried with macadamia butter and coconut flakes, while green pancakes are piled high with rosemary and goats cheese.

The Happy Cookbook by Lola Berry

The Secret Recipes 


Remember the day you heard about the Cronut? Well, Dominique is the man we can thank for that invention. While Paris born Ansel has queues outside his New York Bakery at 8 am in the morning waiting to get a taste of his famous pastries, he managed to find some time to pen The Secret Recipes where he is sharing a secret or two about working with fun and unique ingredients. He’s even sharing insight into his most well-known creations. You’ll find how-to’s for everything from Marshmallow Chicks to Christmas Morning Cereal.

The Secret Recipes by Dominique Ansel

Kenko Kitchen

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Kate Bradley is a 24 year old nutritional medicine student from Melbourne who shares incredible healthy recipes on her website and her Instagram @KenkoKitchen, which has gained her over 20K followers worldwide. This year saw her create the Kenko Kitchen Cookbook, which features over 100 vegan, gluten free, sugar free, and dairy free recipes, all beautifully styled by Kate herself. Recipes range from granola to roasted vegetable salad with cashew ‘goat’ cheese and walnuts, to chocolate molten puddings. Kate is all about making healthy eating easy, so this is for everyone who wants to make healthy choices.

Kenko Kitchen by Kate Bradley

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