Dog Society


Maybe you’ve been doing this whole wingman thing wrong the whole time.

Your ideal dating PIC might be more easily bribed with Schmackos than sushi dinners, and mightn’t hesitate to affectionately dry hump a potential suitor’s leg if conversation runs dry. 

It might be time to throw online dating a bone.

Introducing Dog Society, the brainchild of dog lover and qualified canine masseuse Tanya Hynes. Think of it like a single parents meet for people who don’t like playing awkward name games or drinking cleanskin chardonnay out of plastic cups. Join up like you would any dating site – try to upload a picture of both you and your dog – then scroll through other users, narrowing down by sex, location and interests.

Dog Society also hosts various events throughout the year if you tend to fare better in group situations. Register your interest through the site to sign up for walking groups (choose from bush, beach or walking trails), high intensity workouts and speed dating. And for nights when your pooch has prior engagements, the cocktail evenings are for flying solo.

Let your love life go to the dogs. 

Dog Society

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