Beat the Aussie heat with the best flooring options

Summertime in Australia is no joke! Thankfully, us Aussies have always managed to find ways of cooling down and we continue to find innovative ways of doing so. In fact, using innovation to beat the skyrocketing cost of power and water has become somewhat of a necessity in the last decade, and that means doing what we can to create energy-efficient homes.

We chat to the flooring experts to find out how to make 2020 a cooler one. One of the best ways of regulating temperature within a home is by choosing flooring that fits the conditions. By doing this, you can keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, increasing your home’s value at the same time.

How does my flooring affect my home’s temperature?

If you have soft-surface flooring options such as carpet or natural fibres installed in your home, you might notice that those rooms retain more heat while keeping the cold out. That’s fantastic during the wintertime or in colder climates, but not so great when the mercury is rising. These soft flooring options actually insulate the floor and room, trapping the heat. On the other hand, hard-surface flooring – such as timber, hybrid flooring, laminate and vinyl – deflects heat, keeping the surface area cool, which results in a cooler room.

What are the best flooring options to beat the Aussie heat?          

It’s not easy to navigate the many flooring choices available and each has their own negatives and positives. This article will look at the flooring options available at one of Australia’s most trusted flooring providers, Carpet Court, and determine whether timber, hybrid, laminate or vinyl is the best option to beat the Aussie heat and cool your home down:


Timber Floors

Whether it’s solid or floating engineered timber, this popular flooring option is a timeless choice for Aussie homes and for good reason. Temperature-wise, timber is a breathable option that allows for airflow while it maintains a stable, cool temperature. This keeps your home cool during summer. Sure, it may not feel icy underfoot, but it’s certainly cooler than most other options and isn’t uncomfortably freezing during the cooler months.

Solid timber isn’t the cheapest option, but floating and engineered timber flooring is affordable for most budgets. The downside is that it isn’t great for DIYers, nor is it a good option for very humid locations or within wet areas of your home, as it can warp and peel. If you live in a dry region though, timber is probably the best flooring option to beat the Aussie heat!

Hybrid or Vinyl

If your home is in a humid region, timber may not be the best option, so hybrid flooring – including hybrid tiles – or vinyl might be your best bet! These options are fairly cool underfoot and do not store or radiate much heat overall.

Vinyl or hybrid flooring options won’t warp or lift from moderate humidity and they are resistant to mould and mildew, as well as being durable. Some ranges even include attached underlay when bought from Carpet Court, so they offer insulation against heat, noise and impact. This also makes them a good option for homes with kids. They are an attractive and affordable option that DIYers will find easy to install if they’re using Carpet Court’s floating floor systems.


Laminate flooring has similar heat-resistant attributes to vinyl and will help keep your home cool by not absorbing and radiating heat. Carpet Court’s laminate range is high density, so it’s very durable; although, it’s advised to not install it in wet areas of the home or really humid locations. This flooring option is also affordable and easy to install if you’re a DIYer. It is a good option for kids and comes in a range of different designs.

So there are a number of factors that will determine the best flooring options to beat the Aussie heat, and what you choose should depend on your own personal circumstances. All of these options are attractive, durable, hygienic and hypoallergenic, and will keep your home cool during summer. If you choose to install hard flooring throughout your home but miss the warmth of a carpet in winter, you can add some attractive rugs and roll them up when summer comes around. In the meantime, stay cool this summer by contacting your nearest Carpet Courtt for a free measure and quote.

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