Alex Perry Takes His Flair For Fashion to The Bedroom

Alex Perry For Linen House

If you’re only working in one field these days, you’re behind the times. It seems everywhere you look people we once knew as stylists are becoming florists (yes, I’m talking about you Taylor Tomasi Hill. Love your work by the way), body builders are becoming actors then Governors of sunny states, ’90s actresses are turning their careers to owning an antique shop, B&B and dabbling in wedding planners (we’re referring to Tori Spelling in case you’re not up to date with ‘Where are the stars from 90210 now’). Some make no sense at all, others are perfect transitions.

Alex Perry designing a linen range, now THAT makes sense. Fashion and home go together like shopping and pay day. Interior design is being influenced more heavily from trends seen on the runways and homes are boosting their style factor way up, and thankfully (for the most part) the price tags are staying right where we can reach them. 

Alex Perry For Linen House:

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Alex Perry is the latest designer to take his knowledge for fashion and fabrics out of the closet and onto our beds. His new range for Linen House uses embroidered details, fashion prints and tailored touches on cotton percale quilt and cushion covers. Inspired by his Greek heritage, you’ll fall in love with the Mediterranean chic ‘Mykonos’ range and the true-to-Perry-style slick black and white pieces. The collection features four different themes (Mykonos, Paros, Rhodes and Calliope) in quilt cover sets and cushions of various sizes including European. Prices from $39.95 to $219.95.

So while we can’t expand the size of our wardrobes, it’s time to extend our style influences from hanger to bed, couch and beyond. 

Alex Perry For Linen House

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