The New Toast Cafe in Richmond


Toast and coffee. Two of life’s most simple pleasures. While some of the health industry is trying to steer us away from carbs and gluten, it’s going to take a lot to make Australians completely abandon a time old tradition. Crompton Coffee on Victoria Street in Richmond and owners Nick Peters and Cameron Green are helping us get back to said tradition by opening a toast café. You read that right, a toast café. 

The options of toast toppings will rotate, but you can expect the likes of ricotta and figs topped with honey, vegemite and toasted cheese, tahini and banana, and even pear, walnut, and blue cheese. For something more savoury, avocado will be spiced and served with coriander, while another slice might be topped with ham and mustard fruits. All piled onto think cuts of Rustica bread. But the suppliers may change down the line, keeping customers guessing. Slices are priced at around $8, so we can see multiple slices in our future.


If you’re against gluten due to health or preference they offer gluten free toast as well, thanks goodness. But if you’re really against toast for some reason, there are other options like the fig and coconut muesli, salads, and sandwiches that will rotate. Small Batch coffee is being poured at the moment, but again, that my rotate down the line. 

The space, which has been designed in conjunction with Edwards Moore, results in a venue that is steering clear of the typical Melbourne café scene. Think light plywood and dark tables, which help make the interesting crockery really pop.

How many slices is too many slices? There’s only one way to find out.

Crompton Coffee
380 Victoria Street, Richmond

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