Christmas Gift Guide

How’s your Christmas shopping going? What?! You haven’t started yet? We know November feels a little early to get into the festive mood but with a social calendar as busy as yours, you need to get an early start.

Make a list of who you need to buy for, match them up to the personalities on our Christmas gift guide, buy them, then go ahead and take December off from all the shopping centre craziness, you’ve earned it.

Don’t forget to buy yourself a little something somethin’ too!

For the Girl Who Has Everything


Because we can guarantee she doesn’t alreadt have these. Shoes of Prey are the go-to shop for custom made shoes, so not only will she appreciate the thought and effort you put into her unique gift, she’ll also love wearing these every day. Comfort and stylish – it’s a winning pair. Plus when in doubt, you can never have too many shoes.

The Allie from Shoes of Prey,

For the Style Savvy Organiser


Organisation, it’s not something that can easily be taught, but with the right tools you’re well on your way. If you have a friend who needs to tidy up their act then this is the gift for them (don’t worry, it’s the type of gift that’s so chic it won’t offend them, we promise). Forget that it will help organise their home and shoe wardrobe, that’s just an added bonus, it will look stylish in their interior – just like a new piece of furniture without the big price tag. And what girl doesn’t love chic boxes? No, just us?

Sagitine storage boxes,

For the Healthy Eater


For a while there it was the Soda Stream that did something so simple yet revolutionised our kitchens. Now… it’s Yonanas. It’s really quite simple – you put in frozen fruit and out comes the most flavoursome, healthy soft serve ice cream. It’s good for you, it will cool you down on a hot summer’s day and well, it’s a cool kitchen gadget; everyone loves those.

Classic Yonanas, $79.95,

For the Tea Connoisseur


We don’t need to tell you that tea is trending big time. They’re even making their way into our after dark cocktails. Tea lovers are a passionate breed, so if you have one on your Christmas list then you can’t go wrong with a good brew. If you want something they haven’t tried before (this tea only just launched), then we’ve got the one for you. Tea guru Anthia Koullouros, naturopath and founder of OVVIO and fashion designer Camilla Franks have joined forces to create a range of three teas that are inspired by different cultures around the world, and also offer therapeutic healing benefits. It’s good stuff, trust us.


For the Candle Collector


So many beautiful candles, so little space in our homes! Candles have well and truly stepped up their game of late and are more than just an object that provides romantic flickers of light on date night. They’re now centrepieces on our shelves, and their scents are like a signature fragrance for the home. The question is, what look are you after and what emotion do you want the scent to evoke every time you walk in the door? Once you know the answers to those questions, you’ll be able to find the perfect one.

Lumira Destination Candle in Tahitian Coconut, $59.95,

For the Beauty Addict


Remember advent calendars as a kid? One chocolate for every night leading up to Christmas. If only one tiny square of chocolate every night satisfied us in the same way it used to. The adult version is the Beauty Advent Calendar. One new beauty product every night leading up to Cheidtmas. Now that’s something worth getting giddy over. Of course if you’re not going to gift it to yourself before Christmas (what a great idea!) then you can’t exactly open it in the lead up, but imagine opening all 25 at once on Christmas Day. It’s even better!

Sephora Beauty Advent Calendar,; Adore Beauty Advent Calendar, $199,

For the Stylish Photographer


If you’re an avid photographer you’ve no doubt been annoyed in the past that the camera bag options don’t even come close to the choices you have when blinging (and protecting) your phone or tablet. But for Christmas there’s something special coming out. Stella McCartney has collaborated with Canon to design a chic camera bag for the Canon EOS 100D White camera (we want one of those too please Santa). The structured box-shaped bag will keep your camera safe and stylish with its matte neutral tones and metallic finish.

Canon Limited Edition Stella McCartney Bag Bundle – EOS 100D, $1399,

For the Hard to Buy For Friend


We get it, gift buying is hard work. So many people have everything they could possibly need. That’s what’s so great about Boxes of Babylon. They create gift sets with a bit of this and a bit of that to make really cool, who-wouldn’t-want-that collections of goodies. There’s a great selection to choose from, but we’re partial to this Essentials Man Traveller one. Because guys are hard to buy for.

Boxes of Babylon Essential Man Traveller Collection, $255,

For the Top Shelf Drinker


Ah alcohol, no one would ever be unhappy finding you under their Christmas tree. And this one is perfect as a present because it’s designer. Fashion designer Roberto Cavalli teamed up with fellow Italian, DISARONNO to release a stunning limited edition bottle, DISARONNO Wears Roberto Cavalli. The bottle will sit pretty on your at-home bar while inside the liqueur is just as luxe.

DISARONNO Wears Roberto Cavalli, $45.99

For the Jewellery Lover 


Actually, it’s not just jewellery. The charms on these bracelets hold fragrance beads – it’s really quite genius… and it’s made by Dustin Hoffman’s wife, which is pretty cool too. This is how it works: you pop the fragrance of your choice into the charms, head out for the day and smell delightful. If you’re going out that night and need a heavier, more mysterious fragrance, you just swap the beads. New scent, no lingering and conflicting notes to worry about. Plus you get some nice new jewellery to go with it. This genius new way to wear perfume also comes in earrings and necklace designs.

Lisa Hoffman Beauty Fragrance Beads, available exclusively on TVSN,

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