Melbourne’s First Cat Cafe

Cat CafeCrazy cat ladies love coffee too, which is why we’re pretty excited about the new Melbourne Cat Café.

Yes you heard correctly, pat a cat while sipping you morning latte? Why not? And in a heritage-listed bluestone building near the Queen Victoria Market as well. 

But we’re warning you now, don’t go for the coffee. Word on the street is they’re selling instant coffee, tea, baked goods, and bottled drinks. It’s not a fancy affair, it’s just a fun one.

Owners Anita and Myles Loughran discovered the joy of cat cafes when they visited Japan, and thought it was something that Australia was missing.

All of the cats in the café have been adopted from local shelters The Lost Dogs’ Home and Geelong Animal Welfare Society, making it a little warm and fuzzy as well. There are 12 regular cats roaming the upstairs, and you’re sub par coffee can be bought downstairs. There are many a toy to play with from astroturf shelves, scratching poles, shaggy rugs, of course places for them to hide from needy patrons.

You’ll have to cough up $10 to play with the kitties for an hour and you need to book online. So it’s not a drop in, have a coffee kind of place, it’s an experience. And a new one at that.

Don’t feed the cats folks, coffee doesn’t sit well with them.

Cat Cafe Melbourne, 375 Queen Street, Melbourne 3000
(03) 9642 8540

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