Bowery to Williamsburg 2.0


We’re not sure if it’s just us, but we seem to be noticing that when a venue is doing good things, sooner or later they’ll open a second one. It’s happening again folks with Bowery to Williamsburg opening their second American style sandwich bar of the same name. Di and Will, the team behind Hardware Societe and the first incarnation of Bowery to Williamsburg are joining forces with Shaun Williams who is part of the first Bowery to Williamsburg and chef Gary Xue who’s been at Hardware Societe.

But where, we hear you ask? The space where Brothl, the venue from Joost Bakker where they were all about making healthy broths and zero waste, was until the council kicked them out not that long ago. Hardware Street. It was very sad times for Bakker, but it feels a little full circle when you find out that Di and Will used to run a café called Beetroot in that exact space 12 years ago, their first café in fact.


Let’s get to the serious part for a moment, the menu. It will be exactly the same as the first Bowery to Williamsburg with a focus being on American sandwiches like the Reuben with sauerkraut and Swiss cheese on rye, the hot smoked salmon sandwich with jalapeños, capers, and greens, or the wagyu patty melt with American cheddar, ketchup, mustard on brioche. All the sandwiches come with pickles and pretzels, which is a win for everyone.

You can also expect rotating sweets like the banana and pecan cake with cinnamon icing, or the cinnamon buns to go with your Padre coffee.

This space has a lot of history. Let’s see what the future holds. More sandwiches is our guess.

Bowery to Williamsburg
123 Hardware Street, Melbourne

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