Ananas Undergoes a Mini French Revolution

AnanasNights starting with pink neon signs don’t often end up in the ‘memorable’ category (for the right reasons). Especially if you’re welcomed by a huge brass peacock sitting on a perch. But that’s where the clichés end and breath taking originality takes over.

Newly minted Ananas, with its recently crowned 2014 hat proves there are more reasons than its impressive champagne list to grab a perch.

Two hatted chef Paul McGrath (ex Bistro Ortolan) creates his own mini French revolution with every establishment he touches. A restaurant dedicating half its impressive assets to a bar? Now we’re talking the same language.

Let’s be frank, the brand new bar menu is the one you want to be reading right now. Create your own masterful degustation commencing with oyster beignet roll kissed with jalepeño mayo, spiced steak tartare topped with a quails egg and crisp toast, baby brioche buns lavished with celeriac and twice cooked pork belly. If you’re lucky, 62 degree egg could feature, but don’t miss the acclaimed salted caramel éclair – it owns its own hype.

Whether its Ruinart ‘R’ or Ardbeg-inspired 400 Blows cocktail, this French-inspired bar has substance, silky service and eye candy to boot.

Ananas Bar & Brasserie
18 Argyle Street, The Rocks 
Bar   Mon- Fri from 12pm | Sat from 4pm

Tour four of Sydney’s newest bars and restaurants including Ananas, The Rook, Gowings Bar & Grill and The Sailors Club.

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