AirTasker to the rescue

Have you ever wished you could pay someone to do your random chores while you sleep/read/do fun things? Or maybe you want extra pocket money and have time on your side?

Listen up folks – there’s a new kid in town called AirTasker. This fantastically nifty site connects ‘AirTaskers’ (the time poor individuals who need assistance) with ‘Runners’ (people with mad skillz and the availability for casual slavery).

Surely one of the coolest tasks was when AirTasker Founder Tim Fung paid a dude to line up for a week outside the Apple store to get the first iPad in Australia. Q: Who the hell has time for that? A: Stephen Parke.

Another imaginative use was when ‘James M’ offered $100 to someone for pretending to be his girlfriend. Yes. You heard right. He paid someone $100 to pretend to be his missus to get his mum off his back. If that’s not money for jam, we don’t know what is. 

You think poets can’t earn a living? Think again. ‘Rolf H’ paid fifty clams for an original poem including the words, ‘Australia, sunshine, love, everyday, friendship and beauty’.

What do you need help with? Sign up to AirTasker and get it done.

Available now in Sydney, launching in Melbourne on 19 April 2012

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