Sneaking Duck customised opticals

They used to say that boys didn’t make passes at girls who wore glasses. And the word on the street was that those bespectacled boys out there didn’t have much luck either. So short-sighted. No more.

With the launch of Sydney-based optical fashion label Sneaking Duck, their cleverly-curated range of frames can take you from hipster to office and back again. Geek does rhyme with chic, you know.

The best ideas are born of necessity and so it is with Sneaking Duck. Thank the vision issues of co-founder and CEO Mark Capps who understood the Australian frame-wearers’ need for cool when he had his own prescription glasses to deal with.

If you change your expensive frames every two or three years, there’s now a better way – full of color-coordinating potential to match your shoes/shirt/skirt.

The team behind online shoe retailer, Shoes of Prey, have brought their own knowledge of the online environment to make shopping for seeing-eye style a snap.

Collection numero uno features Madmen-inspired cat-eye frames, the tactile wonders of wooden frames and tortoiseshell keyhole-shaped classics.

Sneaking Duck. It will change the way you see.

Sneaking Duck
T: 02 8006 0704
Frames and coated lenses start at $180 for the first pair

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