La Prairie super energizer for your skin

New Cellular Power Infusion arrives in Australia

Add the word ‘science’ to a sentence about skincare and suddenly pore care seems so damn serious. Reliable. Effective.

Without that extra ‘s’ word, all that’s left is a few fragrant botanicals and a tepidly fuzzy feeling that leaves skin feeling a little soothed. Sometimes, though, soothing just isn’t enough. Introducing La Prairie Cellular Power Infusion – it’s much, much more; after all, it is scientific.
This is about defying the inevitable strains and stresses of growing older. About combining serums with moisturisers and super ingredients that allow you to hold onto youth for as long as possible (minus the Botox and bottom fat transfers). Akin to The Secret of Dorian Gray in a bottle, except don’t keep it a secret anymore. It just wouldn’t be fair.

Those behind the development describe it as a milestone in skincare research that empowers skin to hit its personal heights and make a last, freshly plumped snatch at the youth and beauty of years past.

How does La Prairie’s new wonder in a jar work? It’s a two-phase approach to 3D beauty, simply impacting three dimensions of your skin at once – the mitochondria (energy power units within the skin cell) with benefits supplied from Swiss Snow Algae and Skin Renewal Peptide; the skin cell itself, repairing with Phyto Stem Cell Extract and an exclusive Cellular Complex; and the skin tissue (Grape Seed Extract, Carica Papaya Fruit Extract and Lepidium Sativum Sprout Extract do their best work here).

Imagine the La Prairie Cellular Infusion package as a life coach for tired, ageing skin – able to revitalise skin cells straight away with a rah-rah pep-talk that coaxes them into helping themselves.

La Prairie Cellular Power Infusion
Available on counters 12 September 2011
RRP: $660, Size 4 X 7.8ml.
Stockists: 1800 649 849

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