La Planchette online French deli launches

Dear Jean-Luc,

I’m writing to you because you’re probably sitting along the Seine, painting portraits and picking at a some divine French food.

You see, La Planchette has just launched its online French deli service in Sydney, and I am no longer pining for Paris.

Let me introduce you to the two clever founders, Eric and Camille. Both are now living in Sydney and offer beautifully themed les planchettes (oui, English for ‘chopping-boards’) topped with the finest edible attributes; mouth-watering saucissons, fine cheeses, pâtés and rillettes.

With two day’s notice, voila, La Planchette’s bespoke experience can be delivered direct to your doorstep. You’ll particularly adore their ‘Date on a plate’ and ‘Don’t kiss me tonight’ La Planchettes.

Anyway, something to write home about.

votre ami

La Planchette
(Delivery within Sydney’s CBD and the Eastern Suburbs only)
Visit La Planchette at Kings Cross Markets every Saturday, 8am – 2.30pm

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