The Charlie’s Angels of Health & Wellbeing

Keen to set up 2012 for peace, happiness, stress-free and success? Do you have a list of things ‘meant to do’ from last year, but didn’t?

Well, the all-girl trio behind Elevate Events – aka the Charlie’s Angels of women’s health and wellbeing are here to help.

Firstly, meet Kylie, the Mindset Specialist – she can help you realign your thoughts and feelings, and let go of the mental junk that might be holding you back. Betsy (who runs marathons for fun!) is an Exercise Physiologist and Personal Trainer who’s empowered hundreds of women to achieve their weight loss goals. And then Katey, the Yoga Master who’ll help you find your Zen.

Together the trio run workshops and retreats helping women to feel healthier, happier and more motivated. They’re wired to inspire you to fulfill the endless possibilities in your life.

If world domination is a New Year’s resolution, consider Kylie, Betsy and Katey your go-to gals.

Elevate Events
Next event: RESET for 2012 – Yoga & Breakfast Workshop
8am-12pm, 11 February 2012
Tattersalls Club, 181 Elizabeth Street Sydney 2000


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