The Design Files Open House

There are so many reasons to love your city, and here’s another.
The Design Files is a celebration of all things decadent and desirable.

In a world that has become almost a virtual way of life you sometimes lack the tangible touch and feel experience. The Design Files takes what they do best online and hosts their hero designers and artists in a residential house in Fitzroy.

Up close and personal, you are welcomed to wander through the property that is transformed into a gallery of gorgeous. Covet hand-selected pieces, specifically set-up and given a stage of their own to shine in the element of a home in lieu of a retail space.

Expect an interactive experience quite the opposite of IKEA. You’re encouraged to enjoy it at your own pace, to (re)discover names including David Bromley, Jardan and Basil Bangs, setting the standard of style. Don’t miss the upper deck; transformed into a café to get your caffeine fix and boasting a kitchen that serves up as a mini masterchef class.

A physical melting pot of genius and art. From this house to your home.

The Design Files Open House
Fitzroy, Melbourne (exact address to be announced)
1 – 4 December 2011, 10am – 5pm

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