Studio Proper

Ahh, technology. It might be your best friend now, but remember back in the days of Windows ’95 when the insufficiency of CTRL+ALT+DELETE just left you wanting to pick up a stick and try a more physical boosting method?

You probably think you’d never dare hit your precious iPad, but that’s exactly what StudioProper are suggesting. Don’t worry, they’re not condoning violence — just the use of a pair of rubberised drumsticks that turn your baby into a musical instrument.  

Or perhaps you two make a killer combination in the kitchen, but you’re constantly afraid of slopping marinara sauce all to close to its LCD screen? Well meet another new friend — The Wallee is a chic new creation allowing you to click your iPad flush onto a wall, stand it up or even attach it to a glove (though you’re probably already connected at the hip anyway).

They say three’s a crowd, but we think you two will get along just fine with one of these guys.


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