Meet My Mexican Cousin

A finger-licking dish is made from the finest local ingredients and left to settle to make it magic.

So if you grab a large vessel, sit it upon a simmering city and stir in a selection of Saint-like seasoned professionals – the result is My Mexican Cousin.

Creole cuisine – why til now has it remained some kind of taboo territory? It shouldn’t, being a type of fare that combines a sense of cool and a heavy hand of classic spice that rolls from the Caribbean to the old-school Orleans.

Mix in the late night minds of Grant Smilie and Jerome Borazio with the day time doers Salvatore Malatesta and Andrew Mckinnon and you don’t need to choose when to visit, as they do all-day dining to fulfil their foray.

The man on the pans, Maurice Esposito makes your mouth water for French West Indies dishes like ‘The Daily Blaff’ and takes it back in time with the ‘Louisiana Baby po’boy’. If you’re wondering what these dishes are we’re not spilling the beans but putting into the ‘must try’ basket.

Traditionally, this cuisine would have laughed at vegetarians, vegans and the gluten intolerant but Chef Esposito welcomes this onto his menu which looks like the subtitles to a spontaneous tour of the Africa, South America and Asia.

Get acquainted with your family at My Mexican Cousin.

My Mexican Cousin
Melbourne Recital Centre, 31 Sturt St, Southbank
T: 03 9686 3389

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