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North Yoga Opens Where to Get Your Kombucha Fix A Staple Space Let’s get Physicore Raw Food Made Easy Bringing Aboutlife to Double Bay
May 29th, 2014

KX Pilates takes it to the next level with KX Barre

Do you remember when the characters on The O.C were talking about yogalates? The yoga Pilates fusion all the women were doing to keep fit? Back then it seemed hilarious and so ...

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May 27th, 2014

An Everyday Guide to Superfoods

   Superfoods have gained a lot of media attention of late. But at the end of the day, should we be buying into the hype and spending serious dollars on tiny seeds and froz ...

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April 24th, 2014

24/7 Healthy Habits

Do you look after yourself? No, do you really look after yourself? There's more to being healthy than a few gym sessions and some carrot sticks. Here's our guide on healthy ha ...

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April 8th, 2014

Pick up the Pace with Disco Yoga

Do you regularly spend some time on a yoga mat, love going out and experiencing music? Read on as there has been a coming together of these things. It all started with Hip Ho ...

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March 18th, 2014

Spin Spin Sugar – Get Your RPM Fix in our Spin Workout Guide

Spin classes can be a little intimidating for the uninitiated - all that shouting and 'no pain, no gain' type motivation. So we've jumped on our bikes and sussed out three of ...

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February 25th, 2014

Five Yoga Poses for Health with Monica Rude from Kaya Health Clubs

Yoga is super good for you, right? Correct you are. It helps with relaxing, strengthening, toning, stretching. All good things. But what is it that really gets to the heart of ...

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